Submission Guidelines

The submission window for this anthology is closed.

To submit to our upcoming anthology, Haiku for Hikers, please submit the following with Haiku in the subject line to

*Up to three attached, unpublished haiku written by you that fit the hiking/natural terrain theme along with a quality .jpg photo of the inspiration site and its location for each submitted entry.

*Short author bio up to three sentences.

*Submissions will close at 12 Noon, August 28, 2021!!!


The online version of Haiku for Hikers will appear at on September 2. We will be reading submissions as they arrive and we will let you know as soon as we decide to publish your poem, so please send your work early.

Readers of the online anthology will be able to vote for the best poem of the anthology with a donation to Brick Street Poetry Inc by mailing payment to 7250 West 92nd Street, Zionsville, IN or through PayPal at , our website Home page from September 2 through October 29th. They must reference the poem’s online page number when contributing.

Every poet in the anthology who garners at least $10 in donations for their poem from readers will receive three, free copies of the printed anthology that will be published containing the online poems that had public support. The author of the winning poem will receive an honorarium equal to half of the donations (US Dollars) readers made for his or her poem. Foreign shipping rates on three-book- package in excess of $5 per book may not be covered.

PS Write about your kind of hike, whether that is traditional, a climb to the top of the Empire state building, or a fanciful hike through the clouds on a summer day.  Happy Haiku Hiking!


This publication is supported by the Community Foundation of Boone County.