Brick Street Poetry Inc.

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Brick Street Poetry Mission Statement

Brick Street Poetry, a nonprofit organization, endeavors to build avenues
of poetry, brick by brick, by providing opportunities to connect and
share individual experiences through poetry.

Brick Street Poetry, works at the crossroads of the poetry world to:

  • Publish a high quality literary magazine
  • Conduct public readings on “Brick Street” and elsewhere
  • Produce world class poetry events and projects
  • Connect poets worldwide with the global public & each other

Brick Street Poetry believes exchanging the personal through poetry
leads to a better understanding of the universal and a more vibrantly
connected world.


Executive Board Members:

Susan Miller, President

Barry Harris, Vice-President & Journal Editor

Elizabeth Jones, Treasurer

Joyce Brinkman, Executive Director

Dan Carpenter, Media Contact

Phoenix Cole, Board Member

Rosaleen Crowley, Board Member

John Hawn, President Emeritus

Katherine Heiss, Social Media Development 



Contact Information: