May 5, 2022

Jessica Reed’s forthcoming eco-poetics chapbook is called Still Recognizable Forms (Laurel Review/Greentower Press). Her chapbook World, Composed (Finishing Line Press) was a finalist for the Etchings Press Whirling Prize. Her work has appeared in Quarterly West, Conjunctions, Crazyhorse, Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, North American Review, Bellingham Review, New American Writing, Scientific American, The Journal, Laurel Review, Waxwing, Pank, Inverted Syntax, Exposition Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, The Fourth River, Diagram, The Indianapolis Review, Isotope: A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing, and elsewhere.

She has an MFA in poetry and a BS in physics, and has taught science poetry in Saudi Arabia and China as well as all over the United States. She currently teaches a seminar at Butler University on physics and the arts.

She grew up across the US, from the Mojave Desert to the Chesapeake Bay, and now lives next door to her parents on a homestead in rural Indiana with her husband, solar panels, worm composting, and chickens. @jreedscipoet