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Susanna Song’s zoom interview with Joyce Brinkman, lead editor of “The Polaris Trilogy” book, and Lucy Park, Executive Director of Sejong Cultural Society. 11 Sijo poems are going to the Moon as part of the “The Polaris Trilogy” project as a part of the “Lunar Codex (founded by Samuel Peralta, Canada)”. Susanna interviewed Joyce Brinkman who is the lead editor of the “The Polaris Trilogy” book, and Lucy Park, co-founder and executive director of the Sejong Cultural Society. “The Polaris Trilogy has been compiled as a gift to the Moon by its three editors: Joyce Brinkman, Dr. Joe Heithaus, and Jessica Reed. This anthology will be available to those who visit the Moon for millions of years to come. It will arrive on a NASA flight and become part of the Lunar Codex at the Moon’s South Pole. Three distinct sections present poetry from every continent on Earth in the native languages of Earth’s poets. Each section’s poems are inspired by that section’s set of three words that reflect the Earth’s history and habitats while they reveal elements of Earth’s culture and life forms.”



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Watch Joyce Brinkman speak about an upcoming exhibit at The Indianapolis Zoo! (2013)


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