Pushcart Nominations

The following poems, published in the Tipton Poetry Journal, have been submitted to the Pushcart Press to be considered for selection in the  Pushcart Prize – Best of the Small Presses Anthology.  Little magazine and small book press editors may make up to six nominations from their year’s publications.
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2010 Nominations

Miranda Bradley

(Edmund, Oklahoma)

 Rotting Pumpkins (Fall 2010)
Elizabeth Cleary

(Hamden, Connecticut) 

 Battle Cry of a Dying Barn  (Summer 2010)
Sarah Frost

(Durban, South Africa)

 Together (Fall 2010)
Will Greenway

(Youngstown, Ohio)

Fables (Spring 2010)
Richard Pflum

(Westfield, Indiana)

Where the Lank Bird Sings (Summer 2010)
Rhonda C. Poynter

(Fremont, California)  

Letter in May (Spring 2010)

2009 Nominations

Gilbert Allen  Inside Self-Storage (Winter 2009)
Matthew Landrum  Rebecca With Tequila Shot (Spring 2009)
Bonnie Maurer  Hymn To A Lost Breast (Spring 2009)
Christine Swint  Everything is a Sign (Spring 2009)
Michael Brockley  When the Woman in the White Sweater at the Cancelled Charles Simic Reading Asked If I Was David Shumate (Summer 2009)
Ruthelen Burns  Fallen (Fall 2000)

2008 Nominations

James Tipton  All I Know is that I Built this House  (Spring 2008)
Allan Peterson  I’ll Remind You (Spring 2008)
Richard Pflum  Overstaying One’s Welcome (Spring 2008)
Elizabeth Barbato  My Mother Greets Kali, 1965  (Summer 2008)
Sally Molini  Bird in the Hand Alley (Fall 2008)
Mil Norman-Risch  Wager  (Fall 2008)

No Nominations in 2007

2006 Nominations

Jared Carter Natural Gas Boom, Tipton County (Spring 2006)
Thomas Alan Orr Eutychus Rising (Spring 2006)
Martha Clarkson My Uncle Stays Past Dinner (Spring 2006)
Janelle Aslin The Name for Emptiness (Spring 2006)
Jeffrey Owen Pearson De-lovely (Fall 2006)
Mary C. O’Malley In Iraq (Fall 2006)