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Photo Credit: Alex Mead

The German Voice in Indiana: A Festival of Bicentennial Celebration


October 10 – 16, 2016

Monday,  October 10 – 7 pm

Speaking Through Time, Knox County  Public Library – German voices in Vincennes past & present.

Readings of poems by Hoosier and visiting German poets who have collaborated on poetic work.

Performance of songs from   ALICE OF OLD VINCENNES: A MUSICAL and German inspired refreshments.

Tuesday,  October 11 –  4pm

Speaking Through Time, Dubois County Museum – German voices in Jasper past & present, with Hoosier poets of German heritage.

Norbert Krapf and Joyce Brinkman and visiting German poets Gabriele Glang and Helmut Haberkamm.

Wednesday,  October 12 –  6pm  –  8pm

Speaking Through Time, Indianapolis Public Library (Indianapolis Room) – German Literary  Heritage, Reading of  What  Libraries Hold.

A collaborative poem written by two German and  two  Indianapolis poets and inspired by 8 books  by Hoosier of German heritage in the

Indianapolis Room Collection. Bicentennial Literary Map Handout.

Thursday, October 13 – Noon

Echoing Speech,– Indiana History Center – Exploring Hoosier- German Roots Through Words.

Reading of poems inspired by historical documents written for the event by Hoosier poets of German heritage  Norbert Krapf and Joyce Brinkman.

Visiting German poets  Gabriele Glang and Helmut Haberkamm.  Funded in part by Indiana Humanities with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Friday, October 14 – Noon

Speaking in Images,  Jefferson County Library /Madison , Poetry & Paint.

Program by Gabriele Glang, German Poet/Artist  & poetry collaborator with  Joyce Brinkman


Saturday October 15 –  1-4 pm

Speaking in Images, Indiana Writers Center –

Visiting German poet and landscape painter Gabriele Glang will conduct The Art of Writing Ekphrastic Haiku Workshop.

Sunday, October 16, Evening

Speaking in Celebration,

Athenaeum Tour with exhibit of paintings by German painter, followed by food, literary & musical  presentations from German-connected poets and musicians,.


Bicentennial Celebration