The Polaris Trilogy 1 for Africa and Europe

This is a Brick Street Poetry Inc. call, only for European and African poets, to submit poems for Volume One of our Polaris Trilogy Anthology. The three volumes of The Polaris Trilogy will be launching in a time capsule aboard the Space X flight scheduled to depart for the South Pole of the Earth’s Moon in 2023. 

The window for submitting is short so act quickly. This is a unique opportunity.  There is no cost to submit. Please read the guidelines thoroughly. If they are not followed exactly your entry may be discarded.


  1. Send only new, unpublished work. By submitting you are declaring that your submission was written by you.
  2. Preferred length is no more than one page. We will only rarely accept a poem that is more than one page long. 
  3. All work should be in 12 point Times New Roman and attached as a Microsoft doc. or docx.
  4. You can send only one poem inspired by one or more of the three categories: Rock, Air, and Water.  Please include the category name(s) in your submission and in the subject line of your email.  For example, if you are sending one inspired by Rock and Air then type Rock and Air in the subject line.
  5. How you approach these subjects is up to you. Your poem may be literal, metaphorical, magical, comical, etc. as long as it incorporates the subject in some way. Poems might be formal—traditional or innovative—or in free verse. We encourage forms representative of native cultures.
  6. We are happy to receive poems that are not written in English, but you must include an English translation with your submission.
  7. You must include your home address in your submission. Please put it both in your email and at the beginning of your poem. An aim of this anthology is to present a global picture of poetry today. We will not be reading blind submissions. Quality is paramount but location is also a determining factor in acceptance.
  8. Send your submission to
  9. Submit by 11:59 pm EST, February 15, 2022
  10. Do not expect to hear from us unless your poem is accepted and don’t expect to hear soon. This is a worldwide project, and it could take all of 2022 before we will have final decisions made.